E: Edges : Time

Time moves differently here, 

Slowly, sluggishly, lips clinging

To the edge of the glass.

Time weeps unshed tears here

Fears that went unnoticed

Bursting open scabs on the wounds

Time laughs at mankind here

Those who think they can divide us

Do we not all bleed when hurt? 

Time sees our true selves here

As we shed masks and bare our souls

Unabashed, unashamed of who we are. 

Time swims languidly in oceans here

Slowly shifting sands, returning

To the edges of the earth. 

In vain we try to hold on to Time, 

Time sleeps, rising to open an eye, 

Smiling through our lips. Clinging 

To the edge of the glass.  

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  1. latika fernandes says:

    What should I comment….Moved beyond words!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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