In praise of women

Who is she? 

Who is she that shines at night 

Glittering, as upon a stage?

Who is it that braves the crowds 

Every day on the local train? 

Who is the lady who hides a breast 

Under her sari as her child feeds? 

Who is the woman wildly reaching

For the alms you throw at her feet? 

Who gets up and heads to town 

In a cloud of Christian Dior? 

Who catches a bus to go to work

Her eyes alert for hands that grope? 

Who sighs and shuts her eyes 

Who hides from the world her fears?

Who lies in bed late at night 

Awake to her family around her? 

Who is she? 

She is us and each of us

She lives in every woman

Survivor, fighter, homemaker, friend

She is the rock to depend on. 

Don’t take her for a fool 

She may not speak too much

Don’t put her down

She can drag you to that depth

Revel in her beauty but remember

She is more than her body or her face

She holds the world together

Ensures the stitches are in place.

She waxes and wanes like the moon

She is wiser than you think

When she gives, she gives of herself, 

Without her, you’re nothing. 

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