S: Silence #NaPoWriMo



How can I be silent,

How can silence fill my howl

The tears I do not cry

The grief

I wear like a cowl


That I borrowed from you

As you lay dying

The words I left unsaid

My truths

Exposed and cloying


Patterns upon the bed

Where I watched over you

As you fought to live

My thoughts

Unheard, untouched, untrue


How can I not be silent

No words to share or give

How can then my silence

Give you

Cause to grieve?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Erica says:

    Heart of stone carved from frozen magma before the earth spun solid. Teardrops rest on the intersection of each eight-legged super highway and shake the web of electrical synapses with each release into a dark unknown.


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