One day #NaPoWriMo




one day

we will watch as the corpses rise

and bare their teeth

on our thighs and weep

and cry, oh why,

why, then did you kill the gulls

as they flew to their homes

fish in mouth

certain that the waves would break

upon their skulls

you did not wait

you took their wretched necks

and wrung them

one by one, not satisfied

with the rocks you threw at them

we will watch the world end

and the turtles will climb back

upon the land

belching plastic foam

created of blood and spit

and when the whales return,

the ocean will reply

in red streaks hinged with black

when the water will all dry

and not a drop left to drink

even the night will fail to hide

your up-turned noses, your evil grins

when the moon will be full

and playing tricks,

the gulls will come for your eyes

and the rocks will hoot in laughter.


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