Z: Zephyr #NaPoWriMo

When I die scatter my ashes Somewhere like this. Where the morning creeps in On the wings of a whistling Thrush. Where night jars Ballet with the call of the frog Where the mist lifts Long after the day has dawned. Where blue hills stretch away Eternally. There let me be Blown in the wind….

Y: Yielding #NaPoWriMo

That stone you trip over on your way out Is just the tip of something buried under Our marriage eight thousand odd days old. I know each arc of your words You know how I bare my soul. That stone will not be dug in our lifetime It’s where our eight thousand odd habits lie…

V: Vibrant #NaPoWriMo

Where are the flavours of summer? Surely lost in the tart stickiness of the mango Or the cloying sweetness of jackfruit Buzzing around the house like fruit flies. The crickets chirping in the trees Music coming as from a lifetime away As gulmohor blooms scatter restlessly Unanchored in the evening breeze. Who is it who…

S: Silence #NaPoWriMo

  How can I be silent, How can silence fill my howl The tears I do not cry The grief I wear like a cowl   That I borrowed from you As you lay dying The words I left unsaid My truths Exposed and cloying   Patterns upon the bed Where I watched over you…

Q: Quiet #NaPoWriMo

  Today someone asked after you I looked here and there unwilling to share your absence. And now I look as if on cue to the moon out there uncaring to share my silence.    

P: Play #NaPoWriMo

  If I turn on the lights I miss the glow of the sunset the night clouds chasing on the heels of the day. When I turn on the lights I almost do not see the  moon half-full beaming down at me. When I turn on the lights I do not see you sitting by…

O: Obedience #NaPoWriMo

The virtues of obedience are best understood by those who are disobedient in their youth!

N: Nocturne #NaPoWriMo

    I sit in the dark While the house sleeps The familiar sighs The gentle creaks The thump of a tail All the sounds I own As the house becomes home And I can rest in peace.

L: lazy #NaPoWriMo

Too lazy to write a poem. No thoughts in my head. How about I write you An obituary, instead?

K: Knowing #NaPoWriMo

  I do not know a lot of things Like viscera reports and forensics Paleontology … sounds absurd Quantum physics is surely worse Biology practicals, trust me I tried The world of organs that dwell inside. Why wars are fought, why nations wince Why terror rears up and humanity shrinks. Why nations edge to the…

J: Jaded #NaPoWriMo

The fever broke a day ago The palette of watercolours drying in the sun fractured Like rust peeling off that iron gate Where we walked the wild grass barefoot Looking out for ants that survive Eating at our togetherness. Our love is nothing but moonshine But how can I let you off the hook? You…

H: Hopelessness #NaPoWriMo

There’s a hole in the roof where the storm came through That night when it poured and the wind blew In gales, up-rooting trees, followed by thunder Lightning striking my fears asunder. I must have blacked out…for when I woke The sky was smiling sweetly and was blue I waited, I waited for three days…