F: Flarf


Originally a prank on the scam contest sponsored by the organization Poetry.com, the experimental poetry movement flarf has slowly assumed a serious position as a new kind of Internet-based poetic practice. Known for its reliance on Google as a means of generating odd juxtapositions, surfaces, and grammatical inaccuracies, flarf also celebrates deliberately bad or “incorrect” poetry by forcing clichés, swear words, onomatopoeia, and other linguistic aberrations into poetic shape.

The Hunter’s Moon:

The Hunter’s moon is the full moon after the Harvest Moon, it’s a perfect fit.

Ergonomics designs and arranges workplaces so that they fit

Also known as a sanguine or “blood” moon,

people and things interact most efficiently and safely.

After the autumnal equinox in September, the Harvest moon follows

all processes to see the interaction between systems and the people who use those.

A Hunter’s Moon doesn’t create illusions, I tell you there are no two suns

much like an applied science that helps people work and live better

Do I make no sense, even when the planets are aligned exactly as they should be?

I should. It is all written in the moon and stars and somewhere in between.

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  1. ipsyb says:

    Thanks. I was so uncertain about this! And, no. You haven’t stolen my s post!!


  2. Liam says:

    This reminds me of spam poetry, where the lines of a poem are created from the subject headings of spam email (I hope I’m not stealing your “S” post!).

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