E: Epistle


An Epistle is a letter in verse, usually addressed to a person close to the writer. Its themes may be moral and philosophical, or intimate and sentimental.

Dear Baba,

Since you left us 26 years ago

(and 26 years is a lifetime you know)

– time passed, the world has not ended

life stopped not, just as you said it wouldn’t.

I’ve forged my life on the remains,

of my career and home, I use new refrains

to colorize my world. New excuses

suffice to chase the cold, new laughter

disguises the dreams I flee. Only the fleeting sound

of your voice still makes me turn.

The lawyers are still on strike, I assure you

the reasons were once valid and true

only who knows what consequences we woo

by our actions. I can see you smile

at my words… It’s been a while

since you replied to my letters, I have a bunch

kept safely for when life throws a punch

in my face. Remember you used to say

whatever it is will go away, except when it won’t?

It’s like that, some things just don’t go

I’ve lived more than half my life without you, you know?

The girls are in their late teens

occupied with health issues and studies,

I worry, I fret, I sometimes wonder how they cope

can they brave the storms, have I done enough?

They never met you but I know you’re there

in the quickness of their lives; everywhere

you help them sleep when I’m away

watch over them in their play

– that gives me comfort and truth be said

often keeps me from losing my head

over many things: I’m still the same

ill tempered, rebellious, maybe insane…….

As for Ma and Didi, *sigh*, what can I say?

I wish things improve but it’s always

been like this, if only there was a way

to bridge the gap which widens each day..

I try but I honestly think you’d agree

that some things in life are not meant to be.

Such things are plenty and I’ve learned to conceal

my disappointments and I try to impart the zeal

of your heart to my two, only to be fair

they get my tongue lashing more. I wish you were here.

If I had my way this letter wouldn’t end

I could go on forever even if it meant

sleepless days and nights: I have enough of those

to keep me embroiled in the throes

of my own nightmares.

When you’re not there

to still the demons and chase them away

for despite all I have today,

all the love, the music and the fun,

I miss you. I’m still your little one

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  1. Pallavi madhani says:

    Loads of hugs to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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