After those sharp edged words.


After those sharp edged words have been filed
and kept away for another day
i turn to home, the only place i can be
myself, naked, shameless and alone.

from these four walls dripping showers
water washing away wounds and tears
i slip in though a side entrance lest i disturb
anything else that may be home. The walls

are etched so deep, strong echoes of laughter
shared, warmth shattered, fights, indulgences
attitudes, tantrums, the faint whiff of your after-shave,
the plain lives we lived, encircled by your love.

My feet tap on the old floor as I peer into the room
From where you kept watch, dark and abandoned now,
Deep, deep in the night, I am that house.
Is there any way to call you home?

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  1. Chotz says:

    Another very beautifully written piece. 🤩

    Liked by 1 person

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