Miss you, wish you would visit. (A poem inspired by poet Gabrielle Calvocoressi)

I do not care if you arrive in just your skeleton, 

but wait, we burnt that, come as a wisp of smoke, then

Would love to take a stroll with you. Miss you. 

Would love to make you kosha mangsho and bhaat

the way you loved it on Sunday afternoons. 

Love to feed you. Chatter over hot spicy egg-chicken rolls

on Saturdays. Little kebabs tossed with fried onions

and encased in parathas and egg. Miss you. 

Would love to walk around the garden with you

Bring the ghost dog and the duck, they can follow us 

As you point out the stars like you used to

and tell me about the after. Is it happy?

Wish you. Wish you could return for a little while. 

You don’t need flesh or skin or bones, I will know

you. And you too will know me even though I’m 

bigger now. Older. I’ll bare open my life to you, warts and all.

I’d like to slip into the water while you add fertilizer for the fish

and if you wish to swim, I’ll hold the stinky float. Miss you

standing looking out over the pond, with the hedge-clippers

in your hand. Miss you in your favourite striped shirt. 

The one we cut away from you, I can bring a new one, 

if only you would come by. I know I told you 

it was okay to go. I even prayed that you would go 

like you told me to. Why did I listen to you? 

Why did you believe me when I said it was okay

to leave? Come back so we can talk about the real truths. 

Miss you wish you would walk through the door, 

Stare back at me from the  abyss, wander in

on the southern breeze, waltz into my dreams. 

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