Peace at last.


It poured that evening after that crematorium

The man there collecting the dead like piles of leaves

Leaves that have fallen from trees bursting with summer

While the garden lies untended, with no one to stop 

And admire the flowers that were your joy and pride. 

The skies darkened to black and rain lashed the streets 

Streets that you once walked, we watched from our room

As the wind blew away all that was old and rotten, 

Dust swirling to settle into a sweet cool breeze. 

I wonder if you felt it too, or was that just salt on my lips

From tears that came later, the darkness pressing into me

Like an unwelcome lover. Others lurk in the unblinking darkness

Figures, shadows hiding within shadows. For the dead never leave us, 

I shall carry you inside me, another body to add to my growing collection. 

I think of you often, something beautiful that cannot be recreated 

Without being ruined. I ruminate, picturing you as you raise your club

To hit that perfect swing, laughter twinkling in your eyes, limbs surging with life

Raising a toast in a place filled with happy shadows, peace at last. 

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