H: Hopelessness #NaPoWriMo


There’s a hole in the roof where the storm came through

That night when it poured and the wind blew

In gales, up-rooting trees, followed by thunder

Lightning striking my fears asunder.

I must have blacked out…for when I woke

The sky was smiling sweetly and was blue

I waited, I waited for three days (or was it more?)

I called for you Ma, I knew you were home.

But you didn’t answer; I thought of the game

Of hide and seek we used to play

Expecting you to jump out at me

With a smile on your face. And a treat

In your hand, and you’d sling

My worthless limbs over your shoulder

And together we would watch the sun

As it set over the river and you’d point

Out the stars one by one and tell me stories

Of each and not let me see the tear

You hid in the corner of your saree

Have you had enough of me, Ma?

This child of yours unable to uproot

Herself from earth?

Have you given up on me?

I waited but you did not come Ma, so I tried

I tried to get out of my bed

but fell down instead.

So I dragged myself to the other side

Only to find you lying here, your body stiff

and cold but the sari still damp

as if all the tears you hid and cried

Since I was born are buried inside

Will they take me away, Ma, if they know

Send me to the father whose hands

You saved me from when you said ,”lets go”?

Surely you know I cannot return.

So I rest my head upon your breast, Ma,

I am not hungry any more.

The world can wait, I wait here with you Ma,

And gaze upon our piece of broken sky

As it filters into our home.

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