Questions #NaPoWriMo


A week ago we visited Tadoba, a national forest for the preservation of tigers. we saw many tigers in their natural habital, roaming wild and free which is always a thrilling experience. But while on the long safaris, there was every type of flora and fauna. The long, bumpy rides in the open gypsy, the sweltering sun, the birds, the beautiful jungle… all of it was refreshing and evocative. This poem was inspired there.


What do you call that tree, the one where the leaves

shine like gold in the setting sun?

What is that flower small and green,

clustered like berries lightly hung?

When does this winding trail lead,

deeper into the forest where I stand?

When the jeeps retreat does the jungle

roll back to reclaim its land?

Do you also find peacocks rather silly

all that dancing for a chick?

Do you know that glow of sunset

often wrenches a sob from my lips?

How can I share with you the thrill

of leopards and tigers in the wild?

How come I feel you already know

all that is playing on my mind?

Where do my thoughts go

when I have set them in pen and ink?

Where did our time go,

our time together that passed in a blink?

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