H: Half measure


Half measure poems are a variation of the Common Measure. This is not a new poem but I had fun doing this!

The Bartender Did It.

“what’s your poison?” asked the barman

I didn’t need to think

Whisky” I mumbled amiably

“Yes that is my drink!”

“Caol isla or Laphroig,

Or is it Blenders Pride?”

“Single malt” I said loudly

“I need a drink inside”

Four whiskies back to back

I felt a healthy glow

Love for my fellow man

Peace would follow

“R e l a x” said the barman

“I’ve heard that one before”

But he frowned at me

“I’m saying you go slow”

“Bullshit!” I declared “I’m not drunk

Lay out the shots…”

Reluctantly he complied

Tequila’s what I got.

I downed them in a trice

That’s when the devil spoke

“No shit” I said

“This isn’t a joke?

But I cannot play a guitar

Much less sing”

The devil smiled, “YOU my child


I paid the tab and I left

The mirror in the loo

Told me I was looking good

So what if I saw two?

That is how it came to pass

3 am outside your door

Singing in my loud voice

Like a water buffalo

Your mother ran out to see

I found I had more to sing

You shuddered and you shouted

And then you took her in

You left me hurt and alone

All those promises came to naught

Well, mamas boy, You’re calling now

I’ll tell you what I thought:

You love me you are saying

well I’ll teach you how to fly

Bend over darling

And kiss your sorry ass goodbye!

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  1. CRD says:

    Hahaha. That was simply hillarious. And he fact that you managed to make it rhyme and stuck to a consistent measure makes this a very creative post.

    I’m so glad I thought of visiting the A to Z Challenge google form. I can’t believe I’d have missed such a wonderful blogger if I hadn’t bothered to click a few random links.

    All the best for the Challenge. Do drop by mine.

    I blog at www(dot)scriptedinsanity(dot)blogspot(dot)com


    Liked by 1 person

    1. ipsyb says:

      Thank you for the kind words. Heading over to you! All the best. Cheers! 🙂


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