A: Apostrophe


An Apostrophe: An address to a dead or absent person, or personification as if he or she were present.


Hold still,

ease the frown

let me see you

one last time

as you turn to go

our eyes meeting

over words unsaid

between us.


Hold softly

to my image

as I treasure your laughter

deep in my heart

to keep me smiling

as I bide my time,

till we are together



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  1. Lisa says:

    Silly me, I expected a lesson on correct apostrophe use! Misuse is a pet peeve of mine! I didn’t know it was a figure of speech.

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  2. Ree says:


    Wasn’t aware of this definition of apostrophe.


  3. Liz Brownlee says:

    Lovely! I had no idea about this alternative meaning for the word, and I’m a poet! My posts are a ZtoA of the best children’s poets. 100 of them. They have all sent a poem, and they are wonderful. http://www.poetryroundabout.com ~Liz


    1. ipsyb says:

      Thanks! Will visit asap.


  4. Pallavi madhani says:

    It touched my heart.

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