Death wish.

I carved myself a death wish the day you died

“Not one day over forty two”, I said

“I cannot live more than half a life

Without you.” I was denied. 

Nights like these I am glad that I am alive. 

When I watch my daughters dance

And think of nights of chance

With you, dancing by my side. 

Have you noticed, I dance with my eyes closed

I dance like no one is watching

I dance with you by my side. 

Did I tell you, tonight I am happy I am alive? 
One last dance and the lights go off

The music slows the crowd recedes

The fiddler is done for the night

But the music in my soul

Yes, the music in my soul, plays on

One last rolling drum beat

That riff upon that guitar sings

Calling out to me. To me and you 

Swaying to that last dance

That one dance and then I’m done

I cannot return to my death wish

My life is now undone. 
Did I tell you, 

Tonight I am happy to be alive? 

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  1. Pallavi madhani says:

    Hi ms.ipsita.i really adore your writing skills.i wud like to know more of your writing skills.each time ur poem touches my heart.
    If u do not mind can we be facebook friends???


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