X: X-RAY Vision

As a mother to two irrepressible teenagers,

I sometimes wonder how I got this far.

Was it the x-ray vision I claimed I had

or was it the Mommy special  extra eyes

I carried at the back of my head?


What gives a mother her survival skills?

The ability to cope, when all she wants

is peace and a little ‘me’ time

and there are two brats crying for attention

and food to be scraped off the floor?


I think now of the sunflower seeds they once ate

I told them there’d be sunflower fields

growing in their tummies. They’d run  up

open their mouths wide and ask me to check.

I always saw blue skies and sunflowers..


The years have passed I now have lots of time

to do what I want and they need me less and less

I watch them in their work and play

I watch them as they argue and fight

about who looks better in that dress!


Seriously, how did we get this far,

those childhood days that once felt endless?

Some humour, some tears, lots of laughter

and love… and not to forget

that x-ray vision and eyes at the back of my head!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. durbadhyani says:

    love your style!


  2. ipsyb says:

    Thanks, 🙂


  3. rosemawrites says:

    yay!! love the honesty, wit and motherly love in this poem. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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