Thoughts from a hospital

At least now that I am not chained to the bed
anymore, I can have more lucid thoughts.
I walk this room, stretch myself and again count
the days till I can go home. Outside,
people come and go oblivious to my eyes
watching from a window above
as they go about their daily lives…
Standing in the shade, looking bored, chewing nails
Leaning by the wall, sneakily smoking a cigarette
Walking- almost running/tripping, she must be late
The stretcher is ready, Ambulance pulls in the gate…
Just mundane acts of another day. Just part of another day
I am missing. A bird settles on the sill,
flaps its wings and flies away. What I’d give
just for some fresh air. To be outside. Inside,
a voice calls me back, it’s time they drew some blood.

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