To Ipsy, age 13.


(This poem is inspired by a writing prompt..”write a poem about the life advice you would give your younger self”)

Do not sweat the small stuff

But then you already know that. 

Those Math marks do not matter

But the disappointment 

On Baba’s face? That does. 

Hug him close, tell him

Every opportunity you get

That you love him. I know 

You never have. And then one day

It might be too late. Tell the ones

You love that you love them

Life is too short for too much regret.

Don’t be moody, try to be kind

Yes, even to the girl in school

You think is insufferable, be

especially kind to those who love you, 

or say they do, do not shrug aside 

their declarations, or worse, laugh

at them. Be kind. Life will teach 

you patience, try not to go

kicking and screaming to those classes,

you are stronger than you think, 

try to put yourself first. You

are no eight-armed Goddess, do not try

to do it all alone. There is no shame

in asking for help, learn to receive

just as you give. Listen 

to others but stay true to your heart. 

Above all else, be kind. In this world 

Where you can be anything, be kind. 


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