The News, 02.01.2023

Four people have been killed, nine 

injured in a terror strike. Russia continues 

to bombard Ukraine while members 

of the Opposition make arrangements 

for people to rest while walking for unity

across the length of the country (the breadth 

seems to have been excluded)! A young girl died

after being dragged for 12 kilometres. And COVID

seems to have lost its punch.  There are pages

on pages of new year revelry, the best way

to keep your heels from chapping this winter,

the best buys, ten pouty reasons why

red lipstick is rocking the season. There is nothing

about you being gone for ten years and more, 

nothing about your house we have made our own. 

There is nothing on the effects of having to let go

nor the disquiet that sometimes surrounds my soul. 

I rifle through the pages and turn (as always) 

to the Sodoku. The numbers keep me 

grounded. The numbers help me remember

ten (and more) reasons why I own you

and the bodies I call my own. So go and celebrate

a new page, a new turn of yet another year. 

I will wait, where I always have. With your names

on my lips and a heart that remembers

the joys of having you in my life. 

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