Walk with me…

I have carried you for thirty years

in every step, every mis-step I have taken,

in delicious, imprudent ways. You were there 

when my daughters were born, you hid

in a corner to hide your tears when I left home

that last time. You knew, didn’t you? You knew

that my life would move so far from yours. 

And yet you walked with me. 

New life, new responsibilities, even a new

family, tailor made for me. You watched 

from afar but never so far that I could not feel

your touch. I failed, your smile cradled my tears

When I cried out I fed off your strength, you held

my hand. When I reached out, you were there;

Even when I was angry and turned you away

Still you walked with me. 

Some nights were wild and dark, some  

frightfully cold; storms lashed at the sides 

or our row-boats. Sometimes I clung to driftwood

that you threw out to me. Sometimes 

I was washed ashore, restless as the sea. 

Through all the life surrounding me, I fell

I got back up, I fell again. But I never gave up 

For you walked with me. 

Raising children, they say is hard, yet it was easy

for me: I raised them to be like you, I hope

I have been able to. Somewhat? Are you proud? 

Or do you see me like I do? Often broken, unforgiving,

full of flaws. Yet I manage to smile, I have love.

I have eyes that smile into my eyes and those eyes 

tell me enough. And I know, deep down I know. 

You always will walk with me. 

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  1. Pallavi Priyadarshee says:

    Loved it

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  2. I love it, hugs

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  3. Anonymous says:


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