Inside the tunnel


There is only darkness here

And the low stench of mildew

Fragmented by your illusions.

The last glimmer of hope 

You thought you saw

As you rounded the corner

Was only a reflection 

That skittered off your eye… 

There is no illumination here

As you paw your way holding 

Hands and slippery walls to guide you,

The luminescence

You think you see

As time and space unravels

Is only the freight train of apathy 

Bearing down upon you. 

Rushing to crush you under wheels

Too preoccupied to care

Twisted torsos and hanging tongues

Writhing under its’ weight,

You have no time to think or see

You have to get out of here

Dig yourself out with bleeding fingers 

Scrabbling, clawing to return. 

Befriend the gloom in the tunnel

Let your eyes adjust to the shadows

Yet say not you are blind

To the light of those left behind

You have to see for us all

And for the ones yet to come

Wreck these suffocating walls 

And carry each other home. 

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