Leaving Pune, March 2020.

Ater the clouds have been folded and put away,
All that remains is the moonlight
Those stacks of linen, cool white sheets
That smell of sunshine and your smiles.
I look outside the porthole
Watching clouds bathed in white
The memories that escaped, refused to be laundered
Scattering in wisps of bitter sweet delight.
What is with the full moon and I?
Those countless times I’ve dragged you out
Exclaiming at the moon while you shrugged
And pretended to be interested
For a while. That moon holds my secrets
That moon knows how I howl and cry
The moon hears my silent scream
When I don’t want to say goodbye.

So it is tonight, I neatly fold away my thoughts
In the moonlight edging to be allowed in
And I will not let myself wonder
Even once, when I will see you two again.

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