To my girls… (I stop and stare)


I stop and stare.

There’s  a thumping in my chest

As you walk away

And I keep moving for if I look back

I will cry.


I stop and stare.

But it’s not my hands I see

I see you from long ago

Innocent smiles and naughty grins

And I sigh.


The day is drawing near, the day you dream of, the day you finally spread your wings

and taste the freedom that is yours.

There is so much to say, so much left unsaid, the words that congeal on my tongue

as you take the road that is yours.


I stop and stare

Laughter from long ago

Echo in my ears: stay wild,

Stay sweet, stay yourselves, stay true

Dare to fly.


I stop and stare

There is no need to speak

Your love lulls me to silence

There is peace in the sun and stars

No goodbyes.


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  1. ipsyb says:

    Thanks. My daughter’s friends came by to say goodbye. I was so moved…


  2. This poem moves the heart and soul!

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  3. Pallavi says:


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