W: wanting #NaPoWriMo


I want to lie down and catch

drops of snow in my mouth

and not worry about the cold


I want to lose myself in the branches

Hiding from voices calling me home

and not worry about dinner to be made


I want to howl back at the moon

and leap at the setting sun

and not worry about the example I am setting


I want to play hopscotch till the lines blur

ignoring the shouts that call me in

and not worry about the work I’m not doing


I want to break every rule ever made

and love with all my heart again and again

and not be afraid of it breaking


I want to hide under the covers

with that imaginary monster under my bed

and not be frightened by reality


I want to play child-like games

and teach my children to laugh

and not fret about not teaching respect


I want to whistle as the sun goes down

Skipping stones across the lake

and not remember that you are dead.

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