Cutting corners

I keep seeing you, in the unlikeliest places

Certain that you were in the corner

Last night under the street lamp

The scratch of a match as you lit your pipe

And there by the lake, striding

In front of me, just out of earshot

As I run to catch up, my legs turning to lead

You turn the corner out of sight.

And often when the thunder rolls

The dogs whine, their ears pinned back

I talk to them softly in a sotto voice

Finding comfort in words we left unsaid.

You don’t say much, you don’t need to

Your baritone resonates in my head.

Cutting corners, taking turns

I cannot let you remain dead.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Right the unsaid words…beautifully woven.


  2. ipsyb says:



  3. The words beautifully tap into the silence, sheer intensity and pathos of love, often the unsaid words means lots.


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