Are you happy, they asked. 

I smiled at them. 

Did you find happiness,  they asked.

I nodded, yes, 

Where did you find it, still they asked, 

Was it hard to find? 
I found happiness in my heart

Deep within the corner of an eye.

In the gleam of a quiet smile.

In the hands that hold on to mine. 

In the every day life I live. 

In the little joys of life. 
For happiness cannot be bought 

Happiness is a way of life

Happiness waits quietly 

Waiting for you to find it

Like love, it is so silent,

Most days you think it’s not there! 

One Comment Add yours

  1. Pallavi madhani says:

    So so true.reading this poem 5 times a day and yet want to read it and read it.


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