Prayer #Notinmyname

I did not come here to rage, I came here to pray.

But hold it right there: I don’t do prayer.

I bow neither to Jesus nor Allah

nor to any of three million Others.

so what am I doing here, why are my hands folded

why am I in anguish, why am I starting to pray?


I pray to humanity: wake up from your slumber

I pray to the families of the dead: let us be your shoulder

Let us rip apart these lines that separate us

Let us  do away with those prejudices

that teach us to discriminate:

whether its sex or race or creed or caste.


What is caste but a creature made by man?

what are religions but mythical beasts?

Leave me to form my own opinions

you, in turn, are welcome to believe.

But let us pray then that we can endure

each other and live in harmony and peace.


Real harmony, real peace, real lives free of hate:

the price of which has been paid in blood again and again

For I was not born Hindu or Muslim or Christian

nor allowed any Gods to lay claim on me

I am what I believe in (which is really not your business)

but I came here to pray today: to you, to humanity.

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