I: ipseity #AtoZChallenge


Ipseity: selfhood; individual identity, individuality, from the Latin ipse ‘self’.

There are no poems today:

the words I woke up with

refuse to match.

The song my soul was singing,

burned and crashed.

Sitting here forlorn,

wondering what to say

I turned to my ipseity

looking for a rhyme

some words with gravity.

As the darkness departed,

soft was the voice that answered

impavid and straight:

“there are no lies here, nor truth

only worlds that YOU create.”

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  1. Iain Kelly says:

    Great new word, thank you.

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  2. Thanks for broadening my itzy-bitzy vocabulary with an interesting new word. 😀 Join me, “Curious as a Cathy” with Art Sketching Through the Alphabet Letter “I” for Iris! Happy a2zing! 😉

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    1. I made a weird slip up on my signature. Allow me to correct this please…. Art Sketching Through the Alphabet Letter I” for Iris!

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