Fallen leaves


My day lies scattered about

like fallen autumn leaves

harried and harassed,

I look about me.

The button I forgot

to sew back on,

that school skirt that has to be hemmed

because it is too long.

The draft that awaits correction

the piled files to be read,

the chicken sweats in the kitchen

waiting to be sautéed!

The homework that’s been saved for last,

the sums yet to be done,

the school project screams

for my attention!

Add to this the poem

that’s rattling in my head

the savage hunger of my writing

demanding to be fed.

The BBM pings a message

emails are always “urgent”

I set about with resolve

to bring order into the moment.

I gather up the tasks

list them in my head

I prioritize my work

fit in the shopping as well.

I’m efficient and ruthless

in my will to succeed,

in disposing of my chores

yes, I have so decreed!

Then I happen to glance

out the open window

where the clouds dance

in golden egg-yolk yellow.

The sky is washed in pink

and grey streaked with night,

a gush, a hint of rain

and I am lost in its light.

The window rattles

in a rush of cool breeze

and my lists are scattered again

like fallen autumn leaves…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. rosemawrites says:

    oh wow. this is so vivid i can imagine it clearly. love it!


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