W: Wayra

The Wayra (Quechua – wind ) is a popular verse form of Peru and Bolivia. It appears it originated in an indigenous Quechua language but has found its way into Spanish literature. It is a short syllabic verse form (a pentastich) found at some sites around the internet. Seaside I dream of Puri Where you wait, surfboard…

T: tacent #AtoZChallenge

Tacent: silent the white lotus bursts into sudden symphony shattering the tacent night with shards of  sweet music that pierce the soul with their fragrance #wayra    

L: labile #AtoZChallenge

Labile: adaptable, unstable I am the hero charging into the unknown locked in my sterile tower peering through laced fingers deep into my labile childhood

E: exequies #AtoZChallenge

Exequies: funeral rites I brought you back home The exequies were over, your body folded away like origami sheets. Ah, but your soul belongs to me.


I catch you playing hide and seek in filigree taking me to nights long gone nights soaked in wild jasmine and whispering moonlit madness


the pond lies silent sleeping in the morning sun diving into  its clear depths i find myself at peace my work on dusty earth is done.. silence follows me as i slice through the water swimming to the murky floor rays of light surround me my work on the parched earth is done.