U: Umbriferous #AtoZChallenge

Umbriferous: providing shade I often wonder how it would be to touch your cheek again would it be warm to my touch or cool against my skin? I close my eyes and imagine floating in the dark unknown where I fumble and surrender to the night sinking in your umbriferous shadow

P: Phrontistery #AtoZChallenge

Phrontistery: school or other educational institution It is to the phrontistery* I have turned and returned again and again pregnant with the new words I have learned! *Phrontistery Do visit this site filled with the most amazing and unusual words ever!

E: exequies #AtoZChallenge

Exequies: funeral rites I brought you back home The exequies were over, your body folded away like origami sheets. Ah, but your soul belongs to me.

A: aprique #AtoZChallenge

Aprique: sunny. Dawn gives way to aprique skies the games of the night are over for this day i slip off my mask and concentrate on being.