P: Phrontistery #AtoZChallenge

Phrontistery: school or other educational institution It is to the phrontistery* I have turned and returned again and again pregnant with the new words I have learned! *Phrontistery Do visit this site filled with the most amazing and unusual words ever!

O: Ostiary #AtoZChallenge

Ostiary: Door-keeper, servant at the entrance of a building. waking in a dream I tiptoe into moonlight your door stands ajar spilling yellow upon my feet trembling, my hand reaches out and falls in defeat as the ostiary thunders: “your exile is incomplete.”

N: Nepenthe #AtoZchallenge

Nepenthe: Fictional medicine capable of making one forget suffering. (Greek) The summer breeze wafts the fragrance of gardenias you planted in the garden. I drink deep emboldened by the nepenthe to my soul

M: Mellisonant #AtoZChallenge

Mellisonant: sweet sounding A new year has begun in the Bengali calendar. You speak, your voice drips in my ear mellisonant notes from long ago Sweltering a half heard whisper, a blessing I hear no more.

L: labile #AtoZChallenge

Labile: adaptable, unstable I am the hero charging into the unknown locked in my sterile tower peering through laced fingers deep into my labile childhood

K: Kyrie #AtoZChallenge

Kýrie: a religious petition for mercy. (A kyrielle which is the present poetry form comes from kyrie and is written in rhyming couplets or quatrains and contains a repeating line or phrase as a refrain.) They said we had to be covered the fault lay in the clothes we wore quietly, we bowed, made no fuss…

J: jasperated #AtoZChallenge

Jasperated: mottled, streaked with colour. You handed me the cats-eye hard, like life, you said keeps you safe. That black stone skipped across rainbows jasperated in my heart.

I: ipseity #AtoZChallenge

Ipseity: selfhood; individual identity, individuality, from the Latin ipse ‘self’. There are no poems today: the words I woke up with refuse to match. The song my soul was singing, burned and crashed. Sitting here forlorn, wondering what to say I turned to my ipseity looking for a rhyme some words with gravity. As the darkness departed,…

H: hallux #AtoZChallenge

hallux: big toe. Plural: Halluces   You stopped. Pausing in our conversation, your hallux drew a line in the sand and urged me on ahead: “It’s not the end of the world,” you said. Our short walk together was over, I was to carry on as before. And when I looked back, the line had…

G: gloam #AtoZChallenge

Gloam: twilight. dusk. from high above the concrete jungle over the gloomy city domes the sun slips past the horizon purple clouds concede to gloam a lone star sniggers in our ears: “yours is this parched patch of earth, welcome home!”