X: Xenization #AtoZChallenge

Xenization: (doing something) as a stranger In my xenization I have roamed places I thought I out-grew not one of the people I met wore a mask I thought I knew. I pushed on, a mitfit and an outcast in masks that smelled of mildew till I returned to stare at your face the only…

W: wilding #AtoZChallenge

Wilding: that which grows without cultivation I harvest the words in fits and starts snatched from a dream a melting heart a phrase here a thought out there wilding words that weave into verse burst into song weep and delight to create a poem that is my life.  

V: vagant #AtoZChallenge

Vagant: roaming, wandering Age has levied its toll on my heart this old heart that breathes with me walks with me and teaches me the songs to save. There are no tolls though, on my vagant soul which still whistles   back at the moon and rides the crest of every wave.

U: Umbriferous #AtoZChallenge

Umbriferous: providing shade I often wonder how it would be to touch your cheek again would it be warm to my touch or cool against my skin? I close my eyes and imagine floating in the dark unknown where I fumble and surrender to the night sinking in your umbriferous shadow

T: tacent #AtoZChallenge

Tacent: silent the white lotus bursts into sudden symphony shattering the tacent night with shards of  sweet music that pierce the soul with their fragrance #wayra    

R: Rillet #AtoZChallenge

Rillet: small brook or stream the clouds provide no cover the nights cannot conceal the lines this heart will trace on the skies made sticky with tears that rillet down my upturned face

Q: Quisle #AtoZChallenge

Quisle: To betray Through the dark twists of the night I follow the moon as it whistles dreading the morning light as it bears down to quisle my dreams mid-flight.

P: Phrontistery #AtoZChallenge

Phrontistery: school or other educational institution It is to the phrontistery* I have turned and returned again and again pregnant with the new words I have learned! *Phrontistery Do visit this site filled with the most amazing and unusual words ever!

O: Ostiary #AtoZChallenge

Ostiary: Door-keeper, servant at the entrance of a building. waking in a dream I tiptoe into moonlight your door stands ajar spilling yellow upon my feet trembling, my hand reaches out and falls in defeat as the ostiary thunders: “your exile is incomplete.”

N: Nepenthe #AtoZchallenge

Nepenthe: Fictional medicine capable of making one forget suffering. (Greek) The summer breeze wafts the fragrance of gardenias you planted in the garden. I drink deep emboldened by the nepenthe to my soul

M: Mellisonant #AtoZChallenge

Mellisonant: sweet sounding A new year has begun in the Bengali calendar. You speak, your voice drips in my ear mellisonant notes from long ago Sweltering a half heard whisper, a blessing I hear no more.

L: labile #AtoZChallenge

Labile: adaptable, unstable I am the hero charging into the unknown locked in my sterile tower peering through laced fingers deep into my labile childhood