Ah, its finally time… for the cover reveal of my book being published by Royal James Publishing in April.

As with most other things, there’s a story behind the cover. As usual I was sleeping on it. You know, life and those daily knick-knacks that keep us occupied. And then the publishers sent me a cover art. I did not like it. “All flowers and lace, so not me,” I said. So they sent a few other options. One was really nice, all dreamy clouds and misty trees in black and white. Just what I wanted, I thought. Till Amisha (the younger one) protested. “It’s too plain,” she said, “very common.” And a dear friend, Vidya, chose that moment to post pictures of a trekking trip in Spiti that she did last year. Wow. They were gorgeous. Did I say, she’s an amazing photographer? So I asked her and she sweetly agreed that I could use one of her photos. Amisha, Isha and I started scouring through her Facebook album for a picture. It was rather frenzied: the choices were amazing; Sliver lined clouds, a bright row of oars in blue and yellow (you won’t know how amazing unless you’ve seen it), boats becalmed on the ghats of Benaras, an amazing red room somewhere in Eastern Europe (I think), this lovely rock in Laos or somewhere in South America, this gorgeous blue room in Turkey. We went crazy with the choices. And then we found this. An amazing picture of an art work taken in  Montparnasse. The sculpture is by Camille Jacobs, her work can be found at and we immediately got round to getting her permission as well. And mind you, all of this was done in one evening, amid all the usual stuff including a run to the opticians for a daughter whose spectacles were chewed by the dog!  So here it is. A cover for a collection of poems celebrating a father’s love… as I wait in this life, my hand reaching out for a hand that waits for me, tantalizingly out of reach: always and forever. 

Do tell me what you think.


Cover reveal: March 6, 2017

Pre-sale: March 13, 2017

Release date: April 10, 2017

About Always and Forever:

A collection of poems celebrating a father’s love.

About Ipsita Banerjee:


Ipsita Banerjee is a lawyer who practices at the High Court at Calcutta. A mother of two teenage girls, Ipsita is used to juggling many roles at the same time and writes  because she loves to. She is an intermittent blogger and also writes about her roller-coaster experiences in life. Ipsita has two books to her credit, “A sliver of moon beam”, a collection of essays, short stories and poems and “Footprints”, a novel. Her poetry has been published in various anthologies and publications both in India and abroad and is currently her preferred medium of thought. She lives in Calcutta, India comfortably ensconced in the heart of a large family. For more information about Ipsita, visit her websites now!

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