Book Review: BoyzNite



Royal James Publishing, August 2016

Imprint:Smashwords Edition




When you are reading a short story entitled “BoyzNite”, you basically know where you are headed but not  how it will end.

This is the story of  the first night home for Berkeley law student Ian Peters when he returns to Piermont, Washington for the summer. Ian teams up with his brother and other friends and heads out to party the night away with a substantial amount of booze and other “poisons”. Throw in Kristen Fulbright, currently an exotic dancer and an old flame from school into the mix, (“if Peter Pan had a daughter, this was her.”) and you find yourself getting dragged into the story as if someone was taking you by the hand and pulling you in.

As Xane Fisher aptly puts it, “none of us had a clue what the hell we were doing but we sure tried to make it look like we did.” As expected, the party has unexpected guests and more people coming in and everything spins out of control…or does it?

It’s difficult to review a single short story without giving it all away so I will not say too much except that is a rather sad and strange story, well worth your while. Sad and strange, yes, but also an interesting take on a raunchy boy’s night that leaves you thinking and hoping that the story carries on beyond the pages of the book.


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